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Dr. David Grisell

Dr. Grisell has been a physician for 30+ years. His goal is to not only help people, but ensure they are able to afford the care they need and navigate the complex healthcare system here in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Seneca, and Simpsonville.

How We Help You Shop For Healthcare And Save

At uMedMarket, we serve Greenville, Anderson, Seneca, Spartanburg, and Simpsonville by finding the best price for healthcare services like labs, imaging, urgent care and specialty procedures without sacrificing quality. We then share the price with you and let you book that service not only at a known cost, but at a big discount. We help you shop online to simplify and save on healthcare.

We do this by screening all the providers in Greenville, Seneca, Anderson, Spartanburg, and Simpsonville and negotiating a cash discounted price on behalf of our customers. We also arrange specialty procedures at a cash discount nationally.

Dr. David Grisell

Why Upstate SC Residents Buy Healthcare Online?

We currently offer people who live in upstate South Carolina the opportunity to save on a wide selection of medical services. People who live in the Anderson or Seneca area, Greenville, Simpsonville or Spartanburg metropolitan areas can purchase medical services directly from our verified network of medical service providers, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars! Shop online to simplify and save on healthcare.

Transparent Pricing

We provide our customers with truly transparent pricing. The price shown is the price paid. That's it, no surprises.

Cash Discounts

If you have a High Deductible Health Plan or no insurance, we can save on your out-of-pocket expenses because providers offer the best prices for cash (much better than insurance networks).

Quality Providers

We verify our providers credentials, that their licenses' are in good standing and they have no disciplinary issues. We favor providers with independent quality certifications.

Shop For Services

uMedMarket allows you to shop for services for the first time. We show you the all-in price and general geographic location before you buy. Once you pay, the provider calls you to schedule.

It's All Online

You buy a service online and upload your doctor's order to our secure server. We post a receipt to the same secure server address, to document what you bought. Then we will contact you directly to schedule. Soon, you will be able to self-schedule! It's that easy! Shop online to simplify and save on healthcare.

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COVID-19 Testing

We can help you or your employees get tested for COVID-19. We can also help develop a "Get Back To Business" plan.


Prenatal or Diagnostic

CT Scans

With and/or Without

Standard MRI

Any Body Part
With And/Or Without Contrast

Open MRI

For Claustrophobia

Screening Colonsocopy

Screening based on age or risk factors


uMedMarket helps individuals and 1099 contractors with no insurance or high deductible insurance that have high out of pocket costs. ​
Includes 1099


Learn how we can help self-insured companies significantly reduce their annual healthcare claims and save money for you and your employees.

How We Work

Learn about how we works and how we can reduce out of pocket costs for people in Greenville, Anderson, Seneca, Spartanburg & Simpsonville.​