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At uMedMarket, we put you first. From start to finish, we want to be there for you. Especially in a foreign country, things can be scary. We want to make sure you have someone there for you all the time. From the airport to picking out restaurants to rides to and from your medical appointments to suggesting activities, we want to make sure you’re covered. We plan the whole process, but also let you do the things you want!

1. Fill Out The Form

This will let us know some basic information about you and your goals, plus allow you to schedule a call with our consultant for whenever works best for you.

2. Detailed Discussion

Our cosmetic consultant will work with you to schedule a detailed meeting to discuss your goals and vision, plus options and what uMedMarket can offer, including approximate costs.

Payment & Booking

Once you're ready to commit, we'll sort out payment. We will start with a down payment while we secure appointments and travel logistics. Then when the time is closer, move to full payment.

4. Here's The Plan

We'll send you a full itinerary including contact info, schedules, transport, little details like how cell phones work and how much to tip. All the big and little things.

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