Five Oaks Academy Faculty Round 2

Five Oaks Academy Faculty Round 2

1. Purchasing Your South Carolina Rapid Turnaround International Travel COVID-19 Test

To purchase your COVID-19 test in Greenville, read all the instructions and notes, then click the link to buy below the instructions. The form will ask when you want the collection done, it will ask for demographic information (birthday, address, race, gender, etc.) and you will enter your credit card information. Then you’ll get an email with your order number, the day you purchased for and the location. We will also send you a calendar invite with the day, time and location of your test.

 uMedMarket will not share your information except for South Carolina Public Health purposes as required by law. We will share your name, DOB, gender, address and phone number as required by the state. We will NOT share your information with anyone else.*

*Business customers may differ.

2. Be At The Testing Location At The Specified Time

At the day and time of your test, drive to the specified location within the window of time you chose. If you are late there is a chance we will leave and not be able to test you. 

The test location will be listed in your confirmation email (different from your receipt). Testing occurs at 901 Grove Rd
Greenville, SC 29605

3. Go To The Open Drive-Through Lane And Stay In Your Car

Once you pull up, uMedMarket staff will ask your name, verify that we have all the right information and give you the test kit. The entire process will not require you to leave your car. This will help ensure proper social distancing.

*Business customers may have a slightly different collection experience

4. The COVID-19 Test Kit

The test kit we provide will include several things:

  1. A test tube (with a liquid inside) labeled with your name, DOB, order number, and date of collection. We hold on to this.
  2. A swab for the collection.

You must verify that the tube label is correct.

5. Collecting The Sample

We will instruct and supervise your collection of the sample. Any questions about the test can be asked at that time. Watch the video below so you know what to expect.

Have questions about any of this? Call us and ask! (864) 777-3031

6. Deposit The Sample

Give your swab to us. Then you’re done! Drive on home.

7. Results Of COVID-19 Test

For the Priority PCR, we will send your test results by email, usually within 2 hours. While we a 2 hour turnaround, sometimes they can take longer. The longest turn around we have ever had has been 3-4 hours after collection due to re-testing and high volume. However, catastrophic events can happen including car accidents and power outages which may cause unpredictable delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions About Your South Carolina Rapid Turnaround International Travel COVID-19 Test?

If you still have questions regarding South Carolina Rapid Turnaround International Travel COVID-19 Testing, feel free to check out our full FAQ page or reach out to us at our Contact Us page! Or call us (864) 777-3031