July 29th, 2020 Test Results

July 29th, 2020 Test Results

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Negative means the test did not detect the presence of the virus in significant enough amounts to be infectious. 

The test did detect a sufficient amount of the virus that you could still be infectious. 

Occasionally we get this reported back from DHEC: “EXCEPTION: Specimen was broken and/or leaked during transit. Please Repeat.”
We take this to mean that somewhere from when we give it to the courier to when DHEC receives it, it gets spilled. So they didn’t even get a chance to run the sample.

We refund all spilled samples 100% and recommend you sign up for another test.

Delayed means the DHEC lab likely has to rerun the sample for some reason. They don’t give us much insight as to why. This delay can still end up with positive, negative or inconclusive.

No Show means we don’t have you marked as showing up for your collection. Unfortunately with the high volume of testing we are doing, we cannot take the time to refund everyone who doesn’t show up, so we don’t refund those who do not show up.

“Inconclusive” means that the lab was unable to determine positive or negative from your sample. We refund all inconclusive results 100% and recommend you sign up for the next available collection.

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