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All Tests Only 1" In Your Nose!

As Reported By The New England Journal Of Medicine And Approved By The CDC

New England Journal Of Medicine Reports 1" Preferred Over 6" Swab

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Only 1" In Your Nose!

As Reported By New England Journal Of Medicine & Approved By CDC
New England Journal Of Medicine Reports 1" Preferred Over 6" Swab Click To Learn More

Standard PCR Drive-Through TestingSat, Mon, Wed & Thurs EveningsNEXT Innovation Center 411 University Ridge, Greenville SC

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Christina Shaughnessy
Christina Shaughnessy
01:27 01 Dec 20
I was very pleased with taking a Covid19 testwith uMedMarket! I needed the test for a flight to Dubai. All questions I... had before the test were instantly per email answered. On the morning of the test I got perfectly instructed how to do the test, David was very supportive and patient. And the best of all was that the result was several hours earlier ready than promised! Warmly recommended!read more
Lydia Grace
Lydia Grace
18:52 22 Nov 20
So professional and super awesome! I needed a Covid test quick and not only were they super helpful and reassuring of... the process on the phone, but super courteous and professional during the test! I got my results back 5+ hours before the time they quoted me. 10/10 recommendread more
19:02 20 Nov 20
Fast and easy! Super grateful for their incredible service. I would highly recommend uMedMarket to anyone!
Patti Jo
Patti Jo
12:09 29 Oct 20
Excellent experience! Two of the happiest people serving us and making this easy for all of us testing. Great price and... process. Highly recommend!read more
wade kastner
wade kastner
18:58 23 Oct 20
This service was fast and professional and my wife and I got our results back very quickly. We needed fast results for... a flight and UMed delivered. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs express results.read more
Marshall Coleman
Marshall Coleman
00:39 17 Oct 20
uMedMarket is very professional company. There personnel are knowledgeable, friendly, , accommodating and they deliver... on time services. Highly recommend to anyone seeking medical services. We have used them multiple times will keep coming back.read more
Brad Fanning
Brad Fanning
17:24 14 Oct 20
Super easy and expedited process. Results were in before time quoted. Would recommend!!
Walter Loescher
Walter Loescher
04:47 07 Oct 20
Great Service. This is a correction to an earlier review I gave. The 48 hour test results came in 28 hours not 18... hours.read more
Walter Loescher
Walter Loescher
18:43 07 Sep 20
Excellent service. Fast response. Did the 48 hour test and received results in 18 hours.
Shannon McGuigan
Shannon McGuigan
14:53 04 Sep 20
Can't ask for more than 24 hour test results + 6 hours for travel paperwork! Got tested at a DHEC pop-up the same day... as well and haven't heard anything from them. uMed is definitely worth the $30. Very professional, legitimate testing technique (I tried to get away with only swabbing one turbinate and they wouldn't let me lol), and little wait time at the testing site. Very happy customer and ready for my vacation covid-free!read more
Dawn Vousboukis
Dawn Vousboukis
11:01 04 Sep 20
Took a Coivd test so that I could visit my mother out of state, said it would take about 48 hours, I had my results in... 24 hours. Quick & Friendlyread more
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez
23:16 01 Sep 20
The service was on time. Excellent and profesional help. Highly eficiente.
Joan Estra
Joan Estra
22:41 01 Sep 20
Very good experience. It was a bit scary since it was my first time going for the test. Dan, who checked me in, was... very good, made me comfortable right from the start. Dr David was also very good, he didn't rush me as he guided me through the steps of collecting the sample. He had a calming affect on me.read more
Hope Krumm
Hope Krumm
21:17 24 Aug 20
Thank you for making this test so easy and open for everyone! We are a military family traveling from overseas and... needed this test to fully enjoy our time visiting our relatives! Thank you for giving us this peace of mind!!! We will be returning customers on our return back to our duty station!read more
Robert Eagar
Robert Eagar
19:00 21 Aug 20
Easy to schedule, efficient collection and testing process. uMedMarket offers a valuable service, particularly with... getting COVID-19 testing done for asymptomatic individuals before travel and additional exposures.read more
Ann C
Ann C
13:01 07 Aug 20
This collection experience was as positive as could be expected. It was totally touch free and professionally... administered. I look forward to a quick test result delivered digitally. Thank you.read more
shawn phillps
shawn phillps
14:45 18 Jul 20
Line went very fast I was in and out in 15 minutes that's with 3 tests of people in my car great job. Friendly and... efficientread more
Sue Danino
Sue Danino
22:17 30 Jun 20
The process was efficient, quicker than anticipated, personnel very nice and test easy to do. We will use this same... group again as needed for COVID testing. Thank you for making this difficult time very manageable!read more
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Detail About Low Cost And Rapid Travel COVID-19 PCR Testing

uMedMarket has partnered with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to provide the highest quality tests available. DHEC operates a CLIA certified labs and performs the FDA approved RT-PCR test for COVID-19.

We use a CDC approved supervised self collection method (mid-turbinate swab from both nostrils) that has been proven equivalent to all other approved collection methods and only requires inserting the swab 1 inch into the nose. DHEC uses an RT-PCR test method approved by the FDA.

Our collection method maintains strict social distancing throughout the whole process. From purchase, to collection to results, there is no human to human contact. At a hospital, however, a doctor or nurse has to break social distancing to collect the sample. Our sample is collected by you, while under medical observation to ensure everything is done correctly. 

DHEC targets result reporting in less than 48 hours, but in times of high demand results may take up to 4 days (you can see our historical timing data here). You are notified of results with an email containing a link to download your lab paperwork. You can also check your order status using your order number. Only you and uMedMarket know your order number. No one else. If you test positive, we are required by state law to share some information with the government. We do not share your results with your friends, family, employer or anyone else (except as required by law or with your written approval).

However, if you purchase and Express or HyperExpress test, which are focused on our travel customers, results will be less the 48 and 24 hours, respectively!

Our collection method (Supervised Mid-turbinate Self-collection) does not require a 6″ long swab to be stuck into your nose (the nasopharyngeal swab) that you see in the media. Our swab only goes in about 1″.

Insurance generally requires that you have symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19. So at facilities that bill insurance, a doctor must order a COVID-19 test and sometimes a telemedicine visit is required. If you don’t meet their requirements, they will not offer the test. All that costs money. At uMedMarket, we don’t require symptoms, a doctor’s order or a doctors visit. We believe if you want a test, you can decide for yourself to have it. uMedMarket’s mission is to put you in control of your healthcare decisions.

At a hospital, they often require symptoms in order to give you a COVID-19 test. At uMedMarket, we don’t require any symptoms. If you want a test, you can have it.

How Standard COVID-19 PCR Testing Works

1. Purchasing Your COVID-19 Test In Greenville

To purchase your COVID-19 test in Greenville, select the Purchase Now button and work through the form. It will ask when you want the collection done, it will ask for demographic information (birthday, address, race, gender, etc.) and you will enter your credit card information. Then you’ll get an email with your order number, the day and time you purchased and the location.

You can use your order number to look up your sample status after it has been collected.

 uMedMarket will not share your information except for South Carolina Public Health purposes. We will share your name, DOB, gender, address and phone number as required by the state. We will NOT share your information with anyone else.*

*Business customers may differ.

2. Be At The Testing Location At The Specified Time

At the day and time that you selected, drive to the selected location within the window of time you chose. Coming early will not help and will only mean you have to wait longer. When we have a large group, we frequently send out an additional email a few hours prior to testing with suggested times for arrival in 15 minute intervals, to create a smooth flow without a large number of people showing up at once.

The test location will be listed in your email receipt. The majority of our testing happens at the NEXT Innovation Center located at 411 University Ridge, Greenville, SC, 29601. 

3. Go To The First Station And Stay In Your Car

At the first station in the parking lot, uMedMarket staff will ask your name, verify that we have all the right information and give you the test kit. The entire process will not require you to leave your car. This will help ensure proper social distancing.

*Business customers may have a slightly different collection experience

4. The COVID-19 Test Kit

The test kit we provide will have several things inside:

  1. A test tube (with a liquid inside) labeled with your name, DOB, order number, and date of collection. DON’T OPEN THE TUBE UNTIL AFTER THE NASAL SWAB IS COMPLETE!
  2. A DHEC demographic form

You must verify that the tube label and demographic form are correct and match.

5. Collecting The Sample

Drive to station 2 where a medical professional will give you a swab and instruct and supervise your collection of the sample. Any questions about the test can be asked at that time. Watch the video below so you know what to expect.

Have questions about any of this? Call us and ask! (864) 659-2767

6. Deposit The Sample

Deposit your completed sample bag with all it’s contents (sample tube with verified label) in the cooler immediately after station 2. Then you’re done! Drive on home.

7. Results Of COVID-19 Test

Using the email address you provide, we will send you two emails. The first (a “Now What” email) email, which is sent after your sample is given, will give you the link to check the status as well as what happens to your sample now. The second email will be a link to download your test lab report. “Detected” means you are positive and “Not Detected” means you are negative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard PCR Ordering, Website, Results

We will email you when they are available.

After collection, we send the samples by courier overnight to the DHEC lab in Columbia. They officially receive them that morning. That is when “the clock starts”. We have seen results anywhere from 24-72+ hours. You can view our historic turnaround times from DHEC here.

We don’t have much visibility into DHEC timelines. As soon as results are ready, we will contact you.

You purchase the day and time you want your test from our COVID-19 page here: https://www.umedmarket.com/covid19

For our Standard PCR test, the lab paperwork looks like this.

For our Express Next Day and HyperExpress Same Day RT-PCR Test, the paperwork looks like this.

We cannot change, modify or add to this paperwork.

For our standard PCR test, when results are ready, we will send you an email with a link that will take you to a folder where you can download your results.

HIPAA regulations don’t allow us to email it directly, so we will send you a link to a secure folder.

For each person being tested, we need a separate order number so we can track each test. That means each test must be purchased independently.

Either there is a typo in your email address when you made your purchase or it is in your spam folder. Double check your spam folder for an email from Contact@uMedMarket.com before you call us to inquire.

For our standard test, you don’t need your order number when you show up, just your name.

Unfortunately no. Each appointment requires significant preparation that begins once you order. Making changes introduces human error that we are not willing to risk, which may cause incorrect results.

Yes it does. We are working 7 days per week along with DHEC to get results published.

We do! We need a parent/guardian to be present to administer the collection (we have doctors present to observe and instruct). We can do tests for any age.

When we have received results from DHEC, we will send everyone an email with a link to access your lab paperwork that shows their result. We also post them by order number, which is explained and linked in an email sent after your sample collection is complete.

It does not help to call and ask for results since we notify you and post results as soon as we receive them, 7 days a week. Sometimes the volume of testing is so great that the lab cannot keep up, which leads to long turnaround times.

The money we charge covers uMedMarket’s operational costs to market, sell online, register people, execute collection, deliver samples to DHEC, notify individuals of their results, counsel users with positive tests and report contact information to DHEC for any positive tests. Because we offer testing to anyone for any reason, we have a lot of people to deal with and communicate with in a timely fashion. We also need proper PPE, supplies and collection gear. We don’t really make a profit on this, we’re just trying to break even while doing our part to overcome this pandemic. The “free” tests at a hospital are actually paid for by insurance for those who have it, and by the federal government for those without insurance (typically $100-250), as long as they have either symptoms or direct exposure and a doctor’s order. And, you are frequently required to have a telemedicine visit before testing.

Day Of Testing

Nope! We use a collection method called a “mid-turbinate” collection. It is one of the four FDA approved collection methods. It only goes about 1″ into your nose, not the 6″ that the typical hospital swab (called nasopharyngeal) goes in. You do the collection yourself (this helps us maintain social distancing). This method is arguably better because you (the patient) doesn’t pull back and you’re able to collect more media from the patient.

Check out our video below for more details.

No. It is the viral test to see if you currently have COVID-19.

On the day you are scheduled to give your sample, go to 411 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601 (Google Maps link here: https://goo.gl/maps/7rRRwoDPy18GgTTLA)

Show up at your appointed time.

You will see a person at a table straight in. Start there, if there is a line, it loops around the OUTSIDE edge (right lane) of the parking lot. The inside edge (left lane) is once you have your test kit and are on your way to provide your sample.

The collection is called a mid-turbinate collection. We believe it can be more accurate than the nasopharyngeal because the patient doesn’t retract in pain. 

The standard test itself is a PCR test. DHEC provides more information here.

RT-PCR tests are also very common and is a subset of PCR. There is a small difference that can be read about here. It is like a PCR is a Camry and an RT-PCR is a Camry LX. Both are Camrys, just one is slightly different.

Yup! We recommend social distancing of course, but if you live with your family and are all getting tested, you can all come in one car!

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, feel free to check out our full FAQ page or reach out to us at our Contact Us page! Or call us (864) 436-7447

Why Is uMedMarket Doing Low Cost And Rapid Travel COVID-19 PCR Testing?

At uMedMarket, we believe in bringing healthcare to as many people as possible at a competitive price. We do this primarily by enabling shopping for services like expensive lab tests, MRIs, CT scans and outpatient surgeries from independent providers that are working for you! We bring costs down and quality up by getting providers to compete for customers and by offering upfront payment when service is provided, avoiding billing and insurance overhead.  This drastically reduces overall costs so our providers can offer prices 30-70% less than hospital based providers. We find the best providers and the best prices, then connect consumers with these independent providers.

For COVID-19, we believe that more testing is critical to reducing transmission of COVID-19. As countless government officials have stated, more testing is critical. While we only break even with this service, we want to do our part to fight the pandemic in America. We have partnered with DHEC and private CLIA certified laboratories to make testing available to everyone for any reason. Therefore, we provide low cost and travel COVID-19 testing for all.

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