South Carolina COVID-19 Testing For All

COVID-19 Testing For All

uMedMarket has partnered with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to provide top quality tests with their government qualified testing facility. The SCDHEC has qualified the testing facility and administers the standards to ensure they are of the highest quality.

The test has been approved by the CDC and FDA as a valid, accurate test. It is being widely utilized across the country.

Our collection method maintains strict social distancing throughout the whole process. From purchase, to collection to results, there is no human to human contact. At a hospital, however, a doctor or nurse has to break social distancing to collect the sample. Our sample is collected by you, while under medical observation to ensure everything is done correctly. 

Results are shared by order number. Only you and uMedMarket know your order number. No one else. If you test positive, we are required by federal law to share some information with the government. We do not share your results with your friends, family, employer or anyone else (except as required by law).

Our collection method does not require a 6″ long swab to be stuck into your nose. Our swab only goes in about 1.5″, or about as far as you can insert your finger. We are also doing a spit sample where you simply spit, no swabbing at all.

At a hospital, a doctor must order a COVID-19 test. At uMedMarket, we don’t require a doctor’s order. If you want a test, you can have it. You don’t have to be showing symptoms. If you want to be tested, we will get you tested.

At a hospital, they often require symptoms in order to give you a COVID-19 test. At uMedMarket, we don’t require any symptoms. If you want a test, you can have it.

How The Test Works

1. Purchasing Your COVID-19 Test In Greenville

To purchase your COVID-19 test in Greenville, select the time and location you would like, then simply click “Add To Cart” using the button above and check out like you normally would on any online purchase. 

1. Add to cart and check out.

2. You will receive an email confirmation with an order number and link to a questionniare. Keep the order number handy. That is how you will be identified throughout the process to help protect your privacy. 

3. Bring a copy of that order number (paper or digital is fine) with you to the testing location. 

You must fill out the questionnaire. uMedMarket will not share your information except for infection tracking purposes, and it cannot be traced back to you. We will share your age, gender, zip code and symptoms as required by the government. We will NOT share your name or contact information. 

2. Be At The Testing Location At The Specified Time

At the day you selected, drive to the location you selected, arriving within the window of time you chose.

3. Go To The First Station And Stay In Your Car

At the first station in the parking lot, uMedMarket staff will be there to verify your order, verify that you’ve filled out the demographic form and give you the test kit. The entire process will not require you to leave your car. This will help ensure proper social distancing. 

*Business customers may have a different collection experience

4. The COVID-19 Test Kit

The test kit we provide will have several things inside:

  • The sample collection parts (a swab and test tube with a liquid inside)
  • Your order number, name and DOB (Please verify that information is correct)

5. Collecting The Sample

Drive to station 2 where a medical professional will watch you collect the sample according to the instructions provided. Any questions about the test can be asked here.

Have questions about the sample? Call us and ask! (864) 436-7447

6. Deposit The Sample

Deposit your completed sample bag with all it’s contents (sample tube with verified label) in the cooler immediately after station 2. Then you’re done! Drive on home.

7. Results Of COVID-19 Test

Based on the form you filled out, we will contact you approximately 48 hours (usually less) later with a link to a page that shows positive and negative results based on order number. You’ll need your order number to get your results. Individuals are not identified by name.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at our Contact Us page! Or call us (864) 436-7447

Purchase Your COVID-19 Test Now

No Doctor's Order Required
$ 65
  • FDA and CDC Approved
  • Same Test As Hospitals Use
  • No Contact Collection
  • Confidential Results In 24 Hours
Open To All
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Dr. David Grisell

David has been a physician for nearly 35 years. He has practiced Radiation Oncology in a private practice, hospital setting and in academic practice at a university. His experiences gave him the idea for uMedMarket. With uMed Market, he wants to help people have more access, more control and avoid the financial surprises that many people encounter in healthcare today.

  • The University of Texas Medical Branch - Bachelor of Science - Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist
  • Doctorate of Osteopathy from University of North Texas Health Science Center At Fort Worth
  • Broom Army Medical Center - Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Certified In Internal Medicine By American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Certified In Radiation Oncology By American Board of Radiology
  • Radiation Oncology Residency At The National Cancer Institute
  • Staff Radiation Oncologist - US Army Medical Corp.
  • Medical Director - Holmes Regional Radiation Oncology Center
  • Associate Professor Of Radiation Oncology - University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Published multiple scholarly articles, papers and studies
  • Radiation Oncologist & Co-PI NCORP of the Carolinas
  • Help Run 9+ Clinical Trials for life changing treatments
  • 30+ Years Of Medical Experience
  • Masters in Business Administration From Clemson University
  • Super Angel - VentureSouth

Dan Grisell, MBA

Dan Grisell (son of David) is a Mechanical Engineer by training. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015. After a few years at a food and beverage packaging firm, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and get his MBAe from Clemson. During his MBA program Dan has worked in the uMed Market business, building the website and has learned how broken the healthcare system truly is.

  • Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Certified Engineer In Training
  • Design Engineer - The Haskell Company
  • Masters of Business Administration - Clemson University

Why Is uMedMarket Testing?

At uMedMarket, we believe in bringing healthcare to as many people as possible. We do this primarily by enabling shopping for services like MRIs and CT scans and such. This brings the cost down and quality up because providers are now competing for customers. We also bring the cost down by utilizing cash payments because this drastically reduces overhead for providers and reduces overall cost.

For COVID-19, we believe that testing more is better. As countless government officials have stated, more testing is critical. We found a local lab (Premier Medical Laboratory Services) that has extra capacity for testing. They do a lot of testing for local hospitals and we thought, since they have spare capacity, we should make testing available to everyone.

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