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COVID-19 Employee Testing

There are many safety concerns a business owner needs to think about while developing there Return To Workplace plan. uMedMarket can help with cost effective on-site return to work testing and monitoring for COVID-19. For more information call us at (864) 777-3031

COVID-19 And Return To Work Planning

At uMedMarket, we support restarting a business amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We are medical experts who can help you determine what type of test to use, who to test, how often, and what to do with the results. One important factor we consider is what to do with test results. What’s your plan with a positive test? Can you use social distancing? Can they work in a specific area? Do you send that person home? We help you keep your employees safe and at work.

Types Of COVID-19 Tests

Having the right test is important. How do you know which test is right? PCR, NAAT, RT-PCR, Antigen, or Antibody? Which collection methods and tests are approved by the CDC or FDA? Which is the most accurate? Who is allowed to run the test? We can answer your questions. We work with both public and private CLIA certified labs to run our tests.

Testing Frequency

How often should you test your employees? Every week? Every few weeks? Once a month? Based on your specific workplace and risks, we can help you determine how often to test your employees without breaking the bank.

Samples And Collection

One of the most critical parts of testing is the collection. At uMedMarket, we have experience in collections. Our methods are highly efficient and have built in social distancing and safety measures. Our customer experience is top notch,just look at our Google ratings. We also don't require swabbing 6" inside the nose like hospitals require.

Getting Employee Results

We share results by order number. That way it is easy to communicate positives and negatives anonymously while creating awareness of the overall results without revealing individual infections. If your company pays for employee testing, we can provide the employer direct access to results (with employee's consent) by employee number to help HR develop policies based on who tests positive.

Action Plan Based On Results

One of the most important things with testing, that is often forgotten, is actions based on the result. We can help you develop an action plan based on results. This plan includes prevention for further positives as well as what to do about positives. Do you send them home? Do you test their families? Do you just have them work in a seperate area?

High Speed Tests Given

COVID-19 8 Point Return To Work Plan

We have put together an eight point outline and discussion guide to help your business put together a Return-To-Workplace (RTW) plan. As a business owner, your primary concern should be the health and safety of your employees and customers. uMedMarket is here to help get the doors of our economy back open. We  offer a solution for one of the most important factors in any RTW plan, monitoring and screening employees to see if they are infected with COVID-19 virus.

Below is a link to download our 8 point plan. It asks questions about the type of test, frequency, collection, results and action plan for COVID-19 Return-To-Work.

Returning: Who & When

Which employees can be safely allowed back based on their work? What does the return schedule look like?


Mouth and nose masks, gloves, N95, face masks, sanitizer and more! What is necessary and what is overkill? What

Cleaning & Disinfection

What needs disinfecting? How often should disinfecting happen? What supplies do you need? Are there requirements for commute to/from work?

Education & Enforcement

How many people should be allowed in the office? Should lunches be staggered? Should work days be staggered? What do you need to tell your employees?

Screening Protocols

When employees come back, should you take their temperatures? How? Do they need to show a negative test?

Workplace Modifications

Do you need shielding between desks? Where should you add hand sanitizing stations?

Meeting & Crowd Control

How do team meetings work? What if your business requires large groups? How do manage those groups?

Integration & Employee Support

Do you test employee families? How can you support your employees who test positive? How do you keep people negative?

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