Same Day COVID-19 PCR Test (Works For International Travel)

Same Day COVID-19 PCR Test (Works For International Travel)

Priority PCR: Results In ~2 Hours

uMedMarket offers Same Day COVID-19 PCR Test (Works For International Travel) at these times: 7:15am and 3:00pm on weekdays and 8am on Saturdays (call or email for Priority PCR On Sundays) in Greenville, SC with results in a couple of hours. This is how the Same Day COVID-19 PCR Test (Works For International Travel) works:

  1. Read ALL the instructions below for a Same Day COVID-19 PCR Test (Works For International Travel)
  2. Fill out the form by clicking the button on the left (or click here). It will ask things like which day you’d like to get tested, demographic information (gender, DOB, name, home address, etc), and payment information. For those with 72 hour / 3 day testing windows, we generally recommend getting tested on day 2 (long flights / layovers may impact this recommendation) because it will give you results that are well within the testing window and your results probably won’t expire if there’s a flight delay.
  3. You will pay $200 via credit card as part of filling out the form. Cancellations for any reason will incur a $30 fee ($50 fee for special collections).
  4. Once you’ve paid, for your Same Day COVID-19 PCR Test (Works For International Travel), we will send you a Calendar Invite for the collection appointment with all the information you need like time and location. This may take a few hours because this is a manual process. Weekdays is 7:15am or 3:00pm, Saturday is 8am. Contact us if you need a special time or Sunday collection.
  5. You come to the location in the calendar invite (about 1 mile from downtown Greenville, in an old bank parking lot) and pull up by the cones. You do not need to get out of your car and DO NOT GO IN THE BUILDING. Testing will occur at 901 Grove Rd, Greenville, SC 29605. There is a big “For Lease” sign in front because we are only borrowing the parking lot. (If you end up at the VA, you missed it. Head back out to Grove Road, turn right and we are immediately on your right.)
  6. I will come to you with the collection kits and supervise a mid-turbinate nasal self-collection. I will be wearing a mask and gloves and keep a 6 foot distance between us at all times.
  7. You will receive an email with a link to a PDF of your lab report within a couple of hours for Priority PCR. Add us (contact@uMedMarket.com) to your email whitelist so our email does not get blocked by your spam filter. You can download, print, save or email the report as you wish.
  8. All times are listed on the report (collection of 7:15am / 3:00pm for weekdays and 8am for Saturday) as well as patient names, DOB, uMedMarket’s CLIA number and patient passport numbers.

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