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Benefits of uMed

Transparent Pricing

uMed provides its customers with truly transparent pricing. The price shown is the price paid. That price is set directly by the provider, not by uMed, so the price is the lowest possible.

Cash Discounts

Because all transactions count as cash, providers offer the lowest price to uMed customers. These prices are typically lower than insurance pre-negotiated prices.

Automatic Payments

All payments are automatic. Once you make the appointment, a 20% reservation fee is charged. 24 hours before the appointment, the remaining 80% is charged. Easy. Automatic.

Medicine Price Shopping

We've partnered with SlashRx. They show the the price of any drug at nearly any pharmacy near you. All you do is show them your uMed-SlashRx membership card, which you can keep digitally or physically, and you get the lowest price which could be your co-pay, the cash price or the uMed price, whichever is lower!

Shop For Services

The uMed Platform allows for you to have control over which doctor or provider you see. We'll show you all the options and let you decide which provider you want based on location, price, rating or credentials.

You Own Your Records

With uMed, we give you control and access to your medical records. On our secure, HIPPA compliant server, you can upload your old records and see all the new ones that are added after your appointments.

More Complete History

We give doctors access to your medical records for your upcoming appointments. This allows for more informed and complete care by your provider and better outcomes for you. Then, after the appointment is complete, the doctor's access is closed.

Online Appointments

Reserve your appointment online. Get the next available appointment or schedule the times that work best for you. We'll work with the provider to get you the best time.