Self Employed Users

Self-Employed/1099 Benefits of uMedMarket

uMedMarket helps you save on health care

uMedMarket can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expense for healthcare. We do this by providing a real marketplace that enables shopping by price before you commit to a service. This means you aren’t paying $2,000 for an MRI. With uMedMarket you’re paying $800. This means less out-of-pocket expense.

uMedMarket leverages agreements with providers to give discounted cash prices to uMedMarket users. To ensure quality, we screen the license and malpractice history of every provider we work with and post available third party quality data for our providers such as Google and Yelp ratings, HealthGrades, Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, Propublica Surgeon Scorecard and others.

    • Simple Pricing with Cash Discounts for Big Savings
    • Easy Online Shopping
    • Know The Price Before You Buy
    • Works Without Insurance
    • Works With High Deductible Plans for Out-of-Pocket Expenses
    • Annual Membership Includes Your Whole Household
    • Vouchers and Concierge shopping allows individuals who expect just occasional healthcare needs to access shopping on an ‘as needed’ basis without a subscription
    • Based and Founded in Upstate South Carolina in Greenville

To use the uMedMarket Shopping Service, you simply sign up individually, then either search for the service you need or go through our service menu to find the service you want. We are always trying to add services and providers, so if we don’t have a service or a provider that you need, let us know! We’ll get you prices ASAP. Contact us at for any questions.

We Offer 3 Options For Self-Employed/1099s To Utilize uMedMarket

With uMedMarket Subscription Shopping, an individual purchases an annual subscription to our shopping service.  The subscription gives individuals access to a new kind of network, a self-service shopping network like Using the uMedMarket Network to shop for basic medical services like medications, labs and medical imaging, individuals can see the prices before they buy. You can make an appointment online knowing exactly what they are getting and how much they are paying. Pay the provider directly when you get the service. You can achieve dramatic savings this way, often 1/2 or more of the hospital price of service. These are cash prices, so the shopping service works best with a High Deductible Health Plan. We can also custom shop for you if you need a basic service not listed or specialized care, like childbirth or endoscopy. We can even shop operative procedures that include hospitalization. uMedMarket is committed to bringing choice and competition to healthcare. Subscribe here.

With uMedMarket Voucher Shopping, there is no subscription but you can still shop for savings. Voucher Shopping offers a single use alternative to subscription shopping. This allows individuals who expect just occasional healthcare needs to access shopping on an ‘as needed’ basis without a subscription. This program is expected to go live in the Fall of 2019. To get updates on this program click here.

Concierge Shopping is a stand alone custom service for high cost medical services (but is included in the uMed TotalCare subscription shopping service). With this service we will shop any high cost service you need, from knee surgery to cardiac bypass surgery. We will find options for you based on your priorities. If low cost is the primary objective, we can find high quality US providers for the service you need, though you may need to travel and stay in a hotel overnight. We can find ultra-low cost quality options if you are willing to travel internationally. If quality/experience of the provider is the primary objective, we can find a provider that specializes in the specialty service you need and performs that service at a high frequency with excellent outcomes. Again, you may need to travel and stay in a hotel overnight. uMedMarket is committed to bringing choice and competition to healthcare. 

Cash Discounts

With uMedMarket, all payments are with cash. That means the providers save big on overhead and can give uMedMarket subscribers big discounts.

Works Without Insurance & With High Deductible Plans

Don't have insurance? No problem! uMedMarket is for you! Have a high deductible plan? Even better! uMedMarket is for you too!

Shop Online

All our Shopping Service providers have given uMedMarket special permission to post their prices online. You won't find them anywhere else on the internet

uMed Free

Free Medication Shopping

  • Free Medication Price Comparison
  • Free Lowest Price Display
  • Free Membership Card

uMed Basic

uMed Free + Lab & Imaging Shopping

  • Includes uMed Free
  • Lab Test Price Comparison
  • Lab Test Packages
  • Imaging Price Comparison

uMed Plus

uMed Basic + Telemedicine

  • Includes uMed Basic
  • 24/7/365 Online Doctor Access With No Additional Fee

uMed TotalCare

uMed Plus + Concierge Shopping

  • Includes uMed Plus
  • Concierge Shopping For Specialty Services