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uMed has partnered with eDocHome to provide with an outstanding service that maximizes convenience, price and service.

eDocHome give you 24/7 access to a doctor either over the phone or using video chat! The eDocHome doctors can write prescriptions too! As long as you in the United States, eDocHome can connect you with a doctor who is licensed to write a prescription in that state. You can then use RXCut to make sure you get the best value on that prescription.

The best part is there is no fee per call. Once you’re a member, you just call. That’s it. There’s no extra fee or cost. Is your baby coughing more than usual, but it’s Thanksgiving and you don’t want to leave home? Call eDocHome! Is your child not feeling well on Christmas Eve? Call eDocHome! Are you on vacation in another state and all of a sudden get nauseous? Call eDocHome!