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Concierge Service: Customized Cost Effective Care Options

Maybe your doctor has recommended you have your gallbladder removed or perhaps a knee replacement. We can find several options for you with high quality providers in the USA that will likely be less than half the cost of the same service at your local hospital. For very high-cost medical or surgical procedures, you can also consider a high quality international provider at very competitive cash prices. These providers will communicate with you directly and you only pay if you are satisfied with the provider and the price. For outpatient surgery procedures in the USA, you may have to travel up to 200 miles by car and spend the night in a hotel. For Hospital based surgery in the USA, you may need to fly to another city in the US and spend a few nights in the hospital and perhaps a night in a hotel. For international care for major surgical procedures you have very competitive accomodations both in and out of a hospital. If you want to consider any of these options, just complete the Concierge Service Request below. We can arrange just about any medical procedure for you.