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At uMedMarket, we’ve looked all around Simpsonville to find the best medical services. We figured out the best places for medical procedures that balances quality, price, and location. We want you to be able to access affordable, quality care that is near to you.

  • In Simpsonville, nearly 7% of the population under 65 lives with some kind of disability that certainly needs some kind of medical support. 
  • Over 15% of the population under 65 lives without any kind of health insurance. 
  • Nearly 58% of the Simpsonville population has insurance through their employer. This means that about 25% of Simpsonville is paying cash for the majority of their healthcare. (Source)

At uMedMarket, we can help those citizens of Simpsonville by finding high quality and low cost services in their area.Sim

Medical Services In Simpsonville

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At uMedMarket, we allow you to see the price before you buy, so you know exactly what you're getting into. Plus, our services are bundled and we tell you exactly what you're getting.

The Best Medical Services In Simpsonville

We've looked at all the providers and determined who has the best balance of quality, price and convenience to serve you. Navigating the system is hard, but we have 35+ years of medical experience to navigate the system for you, do the work, and just give you what you need.

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About Cash Discounts In Healthcare

Cash is king because it lowers the cost of providing care.

The doctor doesn’t have to deal with insurance billing, delayed payment or collections. That’s about 25-30% of their overhead.
Our independent providers don’t charge “facility fees” which are allowed by insurers to compensate hospitals for costs associated with operating a hospital.
Our providers are competing for patients against Billion Dollar plus Health conglomerates.

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We Can Help! Not only do we serve Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Anderson, And Seneca, but for significant procedures like knee surgery, we can find exactly what you want for an amazing price. If you want the lowest cost, we can find it, or if you want the surgeon who does 200 of these procedures per year, we can find them too. Just Let Us Know!
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