uMedMarket Voucher Program

uMedMarket Voucher Service

A uMedMarket Voucher is a way for individuals to purchase an all-inclusive service without any other commitment, such as a subscription. For example, your physician recommends an MRI for your or a family member. You can go to the uMedMarket Voucher service and shop for a voucher for an MRI by price, general location and provider rating.  You can see the price and what is included before you buy it. Once purchased, you must also send a phone pic of the doctors order for the MRI. You will then get a PDF of the voucher that includes the necessary information including the provider, location and service details. The provider will contact you directly to make an appointment and handle any service specific questions. At the appointment, you verify your voucher to the provider who then performs the MRI and send the results to you and your doctor. It’s that simple. You are in control with uMedMarket.

The uMedMarket Voucher Shopping Service is not yet live but is coming soon!

Easy To Buy

uMedMarket Vouchers are as simple as buying anything else online. You simply pick the one you want and buy it! Then the provider calls to set up the appointment.

Simple To Use

The uMedMarket Voucher is used just like any other voucher. When it is time for payment, instead of swiping a credit card you use the voucher verification code.

Useful For All

All our Vouch Service providers have given uMedMarket special permission to post their prices online. You won't find them anywhere else on the internet