What Is and Isn’t Covered In Health Insurance?

What Is And Isn't Covered By Your Insurance?

The Short AnswerIt depends. You have to read your policy very closely.

Insurance was originally created to protect you from catastrophic financial loss when things go wrong, kind of like car insurance. When there’s a problem, your insurance will kick in. Health insurance has morphed over time to be more than that. Depending on how much you pay, certain services may be covered beyond the “when things go wrong” services. Sometimes health checkups are covered, sometimes shots and vaccines are covered, sometimes preventative care is covered, sometimes only the major stuff, like surgery or hospitalization, is covered. Some uniformity has been added by the government on what minimum coverage looks like, but there will always be fine print. A common one is that primary care doctor visits are covered, BUT, sometimes only up to a certain amount or only a certain time of year. And it is always upsetting when you go to the doctor expecting your expensive insurance to cover your $200 visit but get a bill for $100 because your insurance only actually covers $100 visits or this is your 4th visit this year, so you have to pay for the whole thing. Is it in the fine print? Yes. It is hard to understand and know what’s happening? Also yes. That is why uMedMarket can help.

uMedMarket helps make things clear. When you go to the doctor, you will pay exactly this much and this is what that service includes. If you want something else, that is fine, but you’ll have to pay more and here is what those things will cost. If your doctor says you need a test, you can ask how much it costs or look up the cost.

uMedMarket also is easy to explain to employees. They don’t get a complex policy that they have to figure out and spend time reading. It is very simple and straightforward. And if something is complex, we make it simple. If your employee needs an MRI, they can look up the cost. There’s no extra fees or charges that get tacked on at the end, the price they see is the price they pay.

It’s Simple. It’s Easy. It’s uMedMarket.