What is uMed Market?

What Is uMedMarket?

uMed Market is an online shopping service designed to make shopping for healthcare easy!

We help you not only shop for your healthcare services, but also see what the price is before you pay and save while doing it. If driving 10 extra minutes is worth it to you to save a few hundred dollars, you can make that choice. If you’d rather pay the extra money for a slightly higher rated facility, we help you make that choice too.

uMedMarket Shopping Subscription

With our Shopping Subscription, you or your employer purchases an annual subscription to our shopping service.  The subscription gives you access to a new kind of network, a shopping network like Kayac.com. Using the uMedMarket Network to shop for basic medical services, you can compare prices for services and then make an appointment (while knowing exactly what you get and how much you pay). We also will custom shop for you if you need specialized care, like childbirth or endoscopy. We can even shop operative procedures that include hospitalization. uMedMarket is committed tto bringing choice and competition to healthcare.

How the Shopping Subscription Works:

Once you get a password to our website, you can shop for the service you need from the available options. It could be a physical, an MRI scan or you have the flu and need a shot. Once you select a service, we’ll show you a list of vendors who provide that service, how much they charge and their general rating. Once you pick a provider, complete a scheduling form to let us know a few time frames that work best for you, and we’ll schedule the soonest one that is available. Then, everything from that point on is between you and the provider. You pay the listed price in cash to the provider. If you need a specialty service, you simple contact us and we will personally work with you to find US options for cost effective care that will save you thousands of dollars, though travel may be required. It’s as simple as that. You get to pick your price. You get to pick your doctor. You get to pick your time. You are in control with uMedMarket.

uMedMarket Voucher Program

COMING SOON! uMedMarket will soon begin offering a Voucher Program as a single use alternative to the shopping subscription. This will allow employers and individuals who expect low frequency healthcare needs to access shopping on an ‘as needed’ basis. To get updates on this program click here.

Dr. David Grisell, D.O.

David has been a physician for nearly 35 years. He has practiced Radiation Oncology both in a private practice and hospital setting. He's also had experience with different types of healthcare. His experience is what gave him the idea for uMedMarket. David derives his passion from a desire to help people. As a doctor, he did everything he could to help those with cancer in any way possible. With uMed Market, he wants to help people have more access, more control and avoid the financial surprises that many people encounter in healthcare today.

Dan Grisell

Dan Grisell (son of David) is a Mechanical Engineer by training. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015. After a few years at a food and beverage packaging firm, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and get his MBAe from Clemson.
During his MBA program Dan has worked in the uMed Market business, building the website and has learned how broken the healthcare system truly is.