What is uMed Market?

About uMedMarket?

uMedMarket is an online shopping service for upstate South Carolina that makes shopping for healthcare easy!

We help you shop and save on high quality healthcare services. The price you see is what you pay, no suprises. We have searched among providers across upstate South Carolina to bring you the best services for the best prices from high quality providers. If you have a healthcare need not on our list of services, contact us. We can find any healthcare service you need at a great price. We also custom shop for surgical procedures, both outpatient surgery and hospital based surgery. If you have to pay out-of-pocket for a very expensive surgery, we can offer high quality international options that are a fraction of the cost of surgery in the US.

Step #1: Find the medical service you need 2 ways: On the Home Page select from the list of services or use the Search Bar to find what you need.

Step #2: Add the service you need to your cart and then checkout.

Step #3: We will text you a voucher for your service and all the instructions you need for your service, within 24 hours of purchaseMost importantly for Labs and imaging, we will remind you to text us a photo of your doctor’s order for the labs or imaging. We need the order before you can be scheduled.

Step #4: The service provider will contact you directly to schedule your appointment. For labs and imaging, we must have received a copy of your doctor’s order before the provider will schedule your service.

We pay the provider before your appointment so you just show your voucher at your appointment and you are good to go. Ask the provider for a copy of the report. If you have insurance, you can use the report and voucher to request your insurer to apply the cost of service to your deductible. The insurer won’t always agree, because cash payment is considered “out-of-network” but many times they will allow it. It’s that easy and you can call or email us for any questions. It’s that easy.

For any medical service not on our shopping list, we will custom shop that service for you, from a specific type of X-Ray that we have not listed to knee surgery and cardiac bypass surgery. We will find options for you based on your priorities. If low cost is the primary objective, we can find high quality US providers for the service you need, though you may need to travel and stay in a hotel 1 or 2 nights. We can find ultra-low cost high quality options if you are willing to travel internationally. If quality/experience of the provider is the primary objective, we can find a provider that specializes in the service you need and performs the service at a high frequency. Again, you may need to travel and stay in a hotel overnight. Contact us, it’s that easy.

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David Grisell, DO

David has been a physician for nearly 35 years. He has practiced Radiation Oncology in a private practice, hospital setting and in academic practice at a university. His experiences gave him the idea for uMedMarket. With uMed Market, he wants to help people have more access, more control and avoid the financial surprises that many people encounter in healthcare today.

Dan Grisell, MBA

Dan Grisell (son of David) is a Mechanical Engineer by training. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015. After a few years at a food and beverage packaging firm, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and get his MBAe from Clemson. During his MBA program Dan has worked in the uMed Market business, building the website and has learned how broken the healthcare system truly is.