What is uMed Market?

Our goal at uMed Market it to make healthcare easy!

We want to let you not only pick your doctors, but see what the price is before you pay. If it’s worth saving a few hundred dollars to drive 10 extra minutes, we let you make that choice. If you’d rather pay the extra money for a slightly higher rated facility, we let you make that choice.

With our system, you can shop for basic medical services, compare prices for all the doctors who provide that service, then make an appointment with that doctor (while knowing exactly what you get and how much you pay). Then, the doctor will upload a report to our secure cloud that you have access to at any time. You can also share those records with all your doctors so they can see your complete medical history.

How It Works:

Using our website, you select the service you need from all the options. It could be a physical, an MRI scan or you have the flu and need a shot. Once you select a service, we’ll show you a list of all the vendors near by who provide that service, how much they charge and their general rating. Once you pick a provider, let us know a few time frames that work best for you, and we’ll schedule the soonest one that is available. At the reservation, we’ll charge you a 20% fee to hold your spot. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, that fee cannot be refunded (anything more than 24 hours in advance can be refunded). Once the doctor uploads the report, the final 80% of the cost is charged.

You get to pick your price. You get to pick your doctor. You get to pick your time. You get to see your records whenever you want. You get to choose. uMed Market.

Dr. David Grisell, D.O.

David has been a physician for nearly 35 years. He has practiced Radiation Oncology both in a private practice and hospital setting. He's also had experience with different types of healthcare. His experience is what gave him the idea for uMed Market. David derives his passion from a desire to help people. As a doctor, he did everything he could to help those with cancer in any way possible. With uMed Market, he wants to help people have more access to healthcare and avoid the financial downfalls that many people find themselves in.
David is currently getting his MBAe from Clemson University.

Dan Grisell

Dan Grisell (son of David) is a Mechanical Engineer by training. He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015. After a few years at a food and beverage packaging firm, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and get his MBAe from Clemson.
As Dan got integrated into the uMed Market business, he learned how broken the system truly was. Health insurance is complicated on purpose. It's hard to work with and understand on purpose. The idea that an MRI at one place can cost $1500 and at another place, across the street, can be $800 is where Dan gets his passion. He wants to give information and control over to the users. He wants people to understand their healthcare and be able to be responsible with it.