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Its an online shopping site for local cash healthcare services that works like Kayak.com but for healthcare. uMedMarket can be used three ways:

    1. The Shopping Service: This service allows you to shop for cash discounted medical care by service, provider, price, location and ratings. You can schedule service online or schedule yourself, whichever you prefer. This service requires an annual subscription purchased by your employer or by you individually but gives you unlimited access to shopping at no additional cost. You must pay cash to the provider at the time of service. The premium subscription also allows you to request custom bids for primary care, outpatient procedures such as endoscopy, outpatient surgery or even in-patient major surgery. We will personally work with you to find and price options for you. These high cost services may require travel to get the best price and quality.
    2. The Voucher Service: This service allows you to shop for a single service by price, general location and rating. When you purchase a voucher, you pay online right then and the provider contacts you directly to schedule service. This is a one-time purchase with no subscription or other fees. This service is expected to go live in the Fall of 2019.
    3. The Concierge Service: Concierge shopping is a stand alone custom service for high cost medical services (but is included in the highest level subscription shopping service). With this service we will shop any high cost service you need, from knee surgery to cardiac bypass surgery. We will find options for you based on your priorities. If low cost is the primary objective, we can find high quality US providers for the service you need, though you may need to travel and stay in a hotel overnight. We can find ultra-low cost quality options if you are willing to travel internationally. If quality/experience of the provider is the primary objective, we can find a provider that specializes in the specialty service you need and performs that service at a high frequency with excellent outcomes. Again, you may need to travel and stay in a hotel overnight. uMedMarket is committed to bringing choice and competition to healthcare.

It’s as simple as 4 or 5 clicks and you can save big, sometimes as much as 3-4x the cost of services at a hospital outpatient facility.

It depends on how much your employees use their healthcare. For each service, your employees/company can save up to and beyond 50% of the usual costs of healthcare. So if there is high utilization and lots of procedures like MRIs, then both you and your employees are likely to save big. Contact us here see how much you can save.

  1. The Shopping Service is a per member per month subscription service. The levels of service are listed here.
  2. The Voucher Service can be paid by either a small commission, shared savings or a combination of the two.
  3. The Concierge Service has the same payment options as the Voucher Service.

Absolutely. However, for large groups, we recommend the Shopping Subscription because the total cost will be less, thus increasing savings.

Once we have a list of all the people who have subscribed, we’ll send each an EZcard that includes all the information they need to create a password and start using uMedMarket, including video tutorials. Employees can always contact us directly for any questions or if they need help.

No. We are an ecommerce site for healthcare, like Kiyak.com, that works best with High Deductible Plans, Health Savings Accounts and no insurance.

Sure! Let us know either here or at support@uMedMarket.com and we can come help you guys learn how to save big on your healthcare!

To sign up as a company, shoot us a note either here or to support@uMedMarket.com and let us know how many employees you’d like to sign up. We’ll then add them as members and get things rolling.

Let us know either here or at support@uMedMarket.com if you have any questions we might be able to answer.