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Its an online shopping site for local cash healthcare services in upstate South Carolina. It works like Kayak.com but for healthcare. uMedMarket can be used two ways:

    1. Online Shopping: uMedMarket.com allows users to shop online for cash discounted medical care by service  or location and lists the all-in price. Users purchase online, uploades a photo of their doctor’s order and the provider contacts them directly to schedule service. If a user need a service not on our list, they can simply contact us and we will find the best available service at the best price.
    2. The Concierge Service: Concierge shopping is for high cost medical services. With this service we will shop any high cost service users need, from knee surgery to cardiac bypass surgery. We will find options for users based on their priorities. If the priority is the highest quality provider with the greatest experience, we can find that for them. If the priority is cost, we can find several options with high quality providers in the USA that will likely be less than half the cost of the same service at the local hospital. For very high-cost medical or surgical procedures that are not covered by insurance, users can also consider a high quality international provider at very competitive cash prices. If users are interested, they just complete an online request.

It’s as simple as 4 or 5 clicks and users can save big, sometimes as much as 3-4x the cost of services at a hospital based facility.

It depends on how much your employees use their healthcare. For each service, your employees/company can save up to and beyond 50% of the usual costs of healthcare. So if there is high utilization and lots of procedures like MRIs, then both you and your employees are likely to save big. This works best if employees are financially incentivized to use uMedMarket.com. Contact us here see how uMedMarket can work for your benefits plan and how much you can save.

Online shopping and  Concierge Service is available at no direct cost to employers. uMedMarket is compensated by a commission on each sale. We can negotiate a custom arrangement with employers to creat their own website linked to uMedMarket to track savings and incentivize employees to use online shopping.

No. We are an ecommerce site for healthcare, like Kiyak.com, that works best with Self-Insured Health Plans, High Deductible Plans, Healthcare Sharing Ministries, Health Savings Accounts and no insurance.

Sure! Let us know either here or at support@uMedMarket.com and we can come help you guys learn how to save big on your healthcare!

To sign up as a company, shoot us a note either here or to support@uMedMarket.com and let us know how many employees you have. We’ll set up a face-to-face and go from there.

Let us know either here or at support@uMedMarket.com if you have any questions we might be able to answer.