COVID-19 Express And HyperExpress FAQ

COVID-19 Express And HyperExpress FAQ

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We will email you when they are available.

For HyperExpress24, typically the results come back before 9pm the same day you get tested.

For Express48, they typically come back before 9pm the following day.

However, occasionally the test takes the full 24 or full 48 hours.

For our Express48 and HyperExpress24 RT-PCR Test, the paperwork looks like this.

We cannot change, modify or add to this paperwork.

The paperwork shows that it is RT-PCR, the date/time of collection, the result, patient name and DOB, the lab’s CLIA number.

You select the type of test you want, then fill out the form for that test. You’ll get an automated email with more information. If you want to continue, respond to that email saying that you’d like to purchase one. We will then personally get back with you (be patient, it can take us a few hours sometimes) with the purchase link and more details. Once you purchase we will send you a calendar invite (again, it may take us a few hours because we do a custom one for each person) for your appointment. This invite includes the day, time and location of the test.

We do collections every morning, 7 days a week, between 6am and 9am. The lab only runs tests in the morning so collecting at 3pm would only mean the sample sits there for 18 hours doing nothing.

We will email you with how to download your results once they are available.

It will be a link to a HIPAA compliant Google Drive folder.

The state requires the demographic information for each person getting tested, so each person has to fill out the form with that information.

We can reschedule, just contact us. If you need to cancel and would like a refund, we can refund $20 for the Express48 and $25 for HyperExpress24 (because that is how much it costs us to send out refunds.

Yes it does. We are working 7 days per week.

We do! We need a parent/guardian to be present to administer the collection (we have doctors present to observe and instruct). We can do tests for any age.

HyperExpress24: $300

Express48: $150

Morning Of Testing

Nope! We use a collection method called a “mid-turbinate” collection. It is one of the four FDA approved collection methods. It only goes about 1″ into your nose, not the 6″ that the typical hospital swab (called nasopharyngeal) goes in. You do the collection yourself (this helps us maintain social distancing). This method is arguably better because you (the patient) doesn’t pull back and you’re able to collect more media from the patient.

Check out our video below for more details.

No. It is the viral test to see if you currently have COVID-19.

The location will be included in your calendar invite when you purchase.

Our home office is located about 15 blocks from Downtown Greenville.

You pull into the U shaped driveway and the doctor will come to you. Stay in your car the whole time, please.

The collection is called a mid-turbinate collection. We believe it can be more accurate than the nasopharyngeal because the patient doesn’t retract in pain. Mid-turbinate is one of the 4 recommended methods by the CDC.

The test itself is a RT-PCR test. 

Yup! We recommend social distancing of course, but if you live with your family and are all getting tested, you can all come in one car!