Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Provider frequently asked questions are important! If there are any questions you have that we don’t answer, let us know!

Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Provider Frequently Asked Questions

What Is uMedMarket?

It’s an online shopping site for local cash healthcare services in upstate South Carolina. It works like Kayak.com but for healthcare. uMedMarket can be used two ways:

    1. Online Shopping: uMedMarket.com allows users to shop online for cash discounted medical care by service or location and lists the all-in price. Users purchase online, uploades a photo of their doctor’s order and the provider contacts them directly to schedule service. If a user need a service not on our list, they can simply contact us and we will find the best available service at the best price.
    2. The Concierge Service: Concierge shopping is for high cost medical services. With this service we will shop any high cost service users need, from knee surgery to cardiac bypass surgery. We will find options for users based on their priorities. If the priority is the highest quality provider with the greatest experience, we can find that for them. If the priority is cost, we can find several options with high quality providers in the USA that will likely be less than half the cost of the same service at the local hospital. For very high-cost medical or surgical procedures that are not covered by insurance, users can also consider a high quality international provider at very competitive cash prices. If users are interested, they just complete an online request.

It’s as simple as 4 or 5 clicks and users can save big, sometimes as much as 3-4x the cost of services at a hospital based facility.

How Are Providers Paid?

Once the user has purchased a service and the service is scheduled by the provider, uMedMarket pays the provider by ACH before the scheduled appointment time.

What Do Providers Need To Do?

Providers can utilize uMedMarket 2 ways:

      1. Provide uMedMarket with prices for services you wish to sell on uMedMarket.com. Providers set their own prices and uMedMarket provides marketing and sales at no cost to providers. uMedMarket only lists high quality services that are competitively priced.
      2. Confidentially bid an all-inclusive price for the service being requested.

How Does uMedMarket.com Work?

Online Shoppers: uMedMarket notifies the provider of a voucher purchase and provides contact information (as well as a copy of the physician order if required). The provider contacts the purchaser directly to verify the voucher code and to schedule service. The provider is paid before service is rendered. At the scheduled appointment, the purchaser presents the Voucher to the provider for service. 

For Concierge purchasers: Providers confidentially bid on the requested service. If the purchaser wishes to consider the bid, the provider must contact the purchaser, either by phone or in person to answer specific questions. If this involves an in-person consultation, that fee must be included in the bid. If the purchaser decides not to use the provider but did complete an in-person consultation, the consultation fee is paid to the provider by uMedMarket by ACH.

What If The User Wants To Apply Their Cash Payment For Reimbursement Through Their Insurance?

All insurance deductible issues are between the user and their insurance company. Users have been advised that uMedMarket is not insurance and that cash payments for services are applied to the user’s deductible at the user’s insurance company’s sole discretion. The user has been advised that the provider will not file a claim with the user’s insurance company because this is a cash payment service. The user may file their receipt and report with their insurer to claim deductibility. For more info on cash in healthcare, click here.

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