How Does uMed Market Help You?

How Does uMed Market Help?

  • We have agreements with drug companies, imaging facilities, labs and doctors to charge specific prices for specific services.
  • We get all those prices together and show them to our members. This means you know the price before you buy!
  • Once you've chosen a service, let us know and we'll make the appointment for you or give you the information needed to make the appointment.
  • You show up for your appointment and pay the discounted rate shown here on the website.
  • uMed TeleDoc and TotalCare Members have access to telemedicine doctors with no extra fees. Doctors are available 24/7/365 and can write prescriptions.

The Fine Print

  1.  When you go to the service, you must not say you have insurance (even if you do). If you want the price you see, you CANNOT mention insurance. Just say you’re a uMed Member.
  2. We are not insurance.
  3. We don’t make recommendations. We show you the options and let you chose.
  4.  What is spent will likely not be counted towards your deductible. This is because insurance companies consider paying cash “out-of-network” even though it is almost always cheaper.

Save on Drugs

uMed Free members get incredible discounts on prescription medication. Click to learn more.

Save on Medical Imaging

uMed Shopper Members not only save on medications, but can shop for imaging services like MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans and more!

Save on Lab Tests

uMed Shopper Members get to shop for lab services too! You'll see the price before you buy.

Call a Doctor 24/7/365

uMed TeleDoc and TotalCare members have access to telemedicine at any time. There is no consultation fee and no time limits.