For Employers

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) are your most cost-effective option for employee health benefits but many employees avoid HDHPs due to the high out-of-pocket deductible because they don’t understand:

  • The reduced employee portion of the premium can fund an MSA
  • They can actually save money
  • They have more choices without insurance pre-authorizations or insurance forms
  • They can easily access care with transparent pricing and on-line scheduling through uMed

uMed solves these problems by complementing your existing HDHP (or setting up a best option if you don’t have a HDHP offering). We provide employees with a mobile platform for shopping, scheduling, paying, and tracking records. All at no cost to the employee. This will drive more of your employees to your HDHP and reduce your overall health care benefits cost by reducing utilization of traditional PPO/HMO plans.

Here Is How It Works:

The employer agrees to an annual contract for a monthly fee per participating employee and provides relevant employee demographic information. Employees can enroll at any time. uMed on-boards each enrolled employee to the platform with an easy 30 min self-directed process and employees can start using the platform immediately to reduce their cash deductible expenses. uMed complements Employers existing HDHPs and does not replace it. uMed can help Employers optimize their HDHP or select a new HDHP that better fits their needs. If Employers wish to enhance benefits to better compete for workers, Employers can contribute a fixed amount to each worker’s Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)/Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to further enhance the attraction of the HDHP.

Employers get to offer better options for their workers, generally at lower cost, and workers get more choices and miss less work with mobile scheduling. You get to choose. uMed.