For Employers

uMed Market targets self insured, mid sized companies because we can help them save 15% or more per employee on their annual healthcare costs. We do this by not only allowing your employees to shop for services, but by incentivising them. uMed Market offers your employees things like lab tests, imaging and telemedicine at even cheaper prices than the providers can offer. The more employees use, the more you save.

How does all this work? If you are self insured, there are only two people paying for healthcare: you or your employee. uMed Market leverages agreements with providers to give discounted prices to uMed Market members. This means you aren't paying $2000 for your employees MRI, you're paying $800. This also means fewer employees will hit the deductible, thus lowering your claims experience and lowering your cost.

  • You pay less for medical services needed by employees

  • Employees pay less for services are are less likely to reach the deductible

  • Lower annual claims

  • Simple Systems means it is easy to understand