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uMedMarket Helps Employers Save Money

uMedMarket can help companies significantly reduce their annual claims experience, saving money for both employees and the employer. This works best if employers incentivize employees to shop for services at uMedMarket. The more employees use uMedMarket, the more everyone saves. This means employees aren’t paying $2,000 for an MRI, they’re paying $800. This also means fewer employees will hit their deductible, thus lowering employer’s claims experience and lowering reinsurance cost, if you are self-insured. To ensure quality, we screen the license and malpractice history of every provider we work with and review available third party quality data for our providers such as HealthGradesPropublica Surgeon Scorecard, Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade when available.

Pay Less

Employees pay less for services and so are less likely to reach their deductible and thus lowering the claims experience of the employers

Lower Claims Means Lower Costs

Employers experience lower total annual claims which can reduce reinsurance costs

Happy Employees

Employees pay less out-of-pocket for medical services and have more choice.

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About Cash Discounts In Healthcare

Cash is king because it lowers the cost of providing care.

The doctor doesn’t have to deal with insurance billing, delayed payment or collections. That’s about 25-30% of their overhead.
Our independent providers don’t charge “facility fees” which are allowed by insurers to compensate hospitals for costs associated with operating a hospital.
Our providers are competing for patients against Billion Dollar plus Health conglomerates.

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We Can Help! Not only do we serve Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Anderson, And Seneca, but for significant procedures like knee surgery, we can find exactly what you want for an amazing price. If you want the lowest cost, we can find it, or if you want the surgeon who does 200 of these procedures per year, we can find them too. Just Let Us Know!
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