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For Providers

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Provider Benefits With uMedMarket

uMedMarket helps providers increase utilization and get more cash customers

uMed Market is an online shopping service designed to make shopping for healthcare easy! We curate the best services and prices in upstate South Carolina and provide marketing and sales at no cost to providers. uMedMarket is an opportunity for providers to increase utilization of their services while increasing the number of cash customers at no cost. Providers are paid by uMedMarket via ACH before providing scheduled service. And, when a physician order is required, we provide that before requesting scheduling.

uMedMarket markets and sells services online at cash discounted prices. Providers set their own cash prices. To ensure quality, we screen the license and malpractice history of every provider we work with and post available third party quality data for our providers such as Google and Yelp ratings, HealthGrades,  Leapfrog Hospital Safety GradePropublica Surgeon Scorecard and others when available. Simple cash pricing helps providers to utilize available capacity. Providers get:

    • No cost to participate
    • You set your own price
    • ACH payment before service if performed
    • No Insurance or collections hassle
    • Works with High Deductible Health Plans for Out-of-Pocket Expenses and for uninsured
    • Based and Founded in Upstate South Carolina (Greenville)
  1. Insurance companies decide whether to count cash payments towards deductibles. This means you don’t have to deal with insurance. Our customers will present their uMedMarket voucher and will not use insurance if they have it.
  2. uMedMarket is not insurance.
  3. uMedMarket does not make medical recommendations. We show the options and let our customers choose.
  4. uMedMarket does not set prices. We show whatever price our provider specifies for each service.
  5. To participate, providers simply provide uMedMarket their prices for the services they wish to sell.
  6. uMedMarket will only list provider services that are high quality and competitively priced.

Cash Customers

With uMedMarket, all provider payments are by ACH before service is delivered. You don't have to deal with insurance or collections.

Increased Efficiency

uMedMarket brings you more cash customers for free! Because they pay cash, your overhead is a lot less.

Maximize Utilization

uMedMarket bring in more patients for the services you want to sell. This allows you to maximize your utilization.

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