For Providers

How uMed Helps Providers?

  • uMed customers are shopping for various medical outpatient services (imaging, labs, primary care, etc.)
  • uMed puts all the information for a service in once place including: prices, locations, ratings. This allows the customer to compare services easily.
  • uMed customers pay cash directly to you (the provider). There is no dealing with insurance.
  • There is no cost to you. You simply provide us with a price list and honor that price for uMed customers.
  • Since you don't pay, you get zero-cost customers.
  • Either uMed or the customer will make the appointment utilizing your current appointment system. You don't have to change anything.

The Fine Print

  1. Insurance companies will not count cash payments towards deductibles. This means you don’t have to deal with insurance. Our customers will say they are uMed customers and will not mention insurance.
  2. uMed is not insurance.
  3. uMed does not make recommendations. We show the options and let our customers choose.
  4. uMed does not set prices. We show whatever price our provider specifies for each service.
  5. To join the platform, providers must sign a contract that says they will provide and honor prices and uMed will post those prices. No money is exchanged between uMed and providers.