For Providers

How Does the uMedMarket Subscription Service Help Providers?

uMedMarket helps providers increase efficiency and get more cash customers

  • uMedMarket Shopping Subscribers are shopping for various medical services (imaging, labs, primary care, etc.) and you can list your underutilized services for them to purchase for cash.
  • By listing your provider services with uMedMarket, our subscribers see all the information for a service in once place including: prices, locations, ratings. This provides marketing and sales at no cost to providers.
  • uMedMarket customers pay cash directly to the provider so there is no expense of dealing with insurance or collections.
  • There is no cost to you. You simply provide us with a price list and honor that price for uMed customers.
  • Since you don't pay, you get zero-cost customers.
  • Either uMedMarket or the customer will make appointments utilizing your current appointment system. You don't have to change anything.

Cash Customers

With uMed Market, all payments are with cash. This means that you, the providers, don't have to deal with insurance. You get paid immediately and have much lower overhead cost.

Increased Efficiency

uMed Market brings you more customers, for free! That means your cost per customer goes down. And because they pay cash, you can spend more time doing what you do and less time fighting insurers.

Maximize Utilization

You get to choose when patients are scheduled! If there is a certain time that is always empty, uMed Market allows you to schedule members for that time and maximize your utilization.

  1. Insurance companies are not likely to count cash payments towards deductibles. This means you don’t have to deal with insurance. Our customers will say they are uMed Market customers and will not use insurance if they have it.
  2. uMed Market is not insurance.
  3. uMed Market does not make medical recommendations. We show the options and let our customers choose.
  4. uMed Market does not set prices. We show whatever price our provider specifies for each service.
  5. To join the platform, providers must sign a contract that says they will provide and honor prices and uMed Market will post those prices. No money is exchanged between uMed Marketand providers.