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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions That Providers Have About uMedMarket

What is uMedMarket?

Its an online shopping site for local cash healthcare services that works like but for healthcare. uMedMarket can be used two ways:

    1. The Shopping Service: This service allows users to shop for cash discounted medical care by service, provider, price, location and ratings. They can schedule service online or schedule themselves, whichever they prefer. This service requires an annual subscription purchased by an employer or by individuals and provides unlimited access to shopping at no additional cost. Users must pay cash to the provider at the time of service.
    2. The Voucher Service: This service allows users to shop for a single service by price, general location and rating. Providers are anonymous until purchase is complete. Payment is online and once verified, uMedMarket provides contact information and they physician order, if required, to the provider. The provider then contacts the consumer directly to schedule service. This is a one-time purchase with no subscription or other fees. This service is expected to go live in the Fall of 2019.

What Do Providers Need To Do?

For Shoppers, the user will contact the provider directly and identify themselves as a uMedMarket beneficiary to schedule service. At the time of service the user will document their uMedMarket membership and pay the provider the uMedMarket listed price directly to the provider per the provider’s posted payment terms.
For Voucher purchasers, uMedMarket notifies the provider of a voucher purchase and provides contact information (as well as a copy of the physician order if required). The provider contacts the purchaser directly to verify the scheduling code and to schedule service. At the time of service, the purchaser presents the Voucher service code to the provider for service. The provider provides the service code to uMedMarket for ACH payment within 48 hours.

How Does uMedMarket Work For Providers

Providers can utilize uMedMarket 2 ways:

    1. List available cash services on the uMedMarket shopping website for users to shop and compare price, location and rating. Providers set their own prices and uMedMarket provides marketing at no cost to providers, since employers pay for access to shopping for their employees.
    2. List specific cash services anonymously in the form of a voucher by price, general location and rating. uMedMarket markets these vouchers to the public, targeting HDHP beneficiaries and those without insurance. Only after the user purchases the service is the provider identified. uMedMarket charges the user a 13% service fee and the provider is paid their full price in cash.

What If The User Wants To Apply Their Cash Payment For Reimbursement Through Their Insurance?

All insurance deductible issues are between the user and their insurance company. Users are advised that uMedMarket is not insurance and that cash payments are assumed to be ‘out of network’ unless the user’s insurance company decides otherwise. The provider need only provide a cash receipt and the user has been advised that the provider will not file a claim with the user’s insurance company.

Must The User Pay At The Time Of Service Or Can THey Pay Over Time?

The terms of payment are up to the provider. Traditionally, the patient pays when they have their appointment, but some providers allow for installment payments. For direct, cash services (not vouchers), uMedMarket does not come between providers and patients.

About Cash Payment:

For subscribers, users pay cash directly to providers according to the provider’s posted payment terms.

For Voucher purchasers, buyers pay uMedMarket directly and uMedMarket pays providers. Providers are guaranteed payment by ACH within 48 hours of service documentation (Voucher service code provided to uMedMarket).