uMedMarket for Employees

Employee Benefits of uMedMarket

Transparent Pricing

uMedMarket provides its customers with truly transparent pricing. The price shown is the price paid. That price is set directly by the provider, not by uMed, so the price is the lowest possible.

Cash Discounts

Because all transactions count as cash, providers offer the lowest price to uMedMarket customers. These prices are typically lower than insurance pre-negotiated prices.

Direct Payments

Payments are directly to the provider. uMedMarket does not get between the patient and the provider. This keeps things simple and saves cost.

Medicine Price Shopping

We've partnered with SlashRx. They show the the price of any drug at nearly any pharmacy near you. All you do is show them your uMed-SlashRx membership card, which you can keep digitally or physically, and you get the lowest price which could be your co-pay, the cash price or the uMed price, whichever is lower!

Shop For Services

The uMedMarket Platform allows for you to have control over your healthcare services. We'll show you all the options and let you decide which provider you want based on location, price, rating or credentials.

You See The Info

With uMedMarket, we show you as much information about the provider as we can. We work with the providers to showcase their strengths as well as making it as easy as possible for you to get to the facility.

Quality Providers

We ensure our providers are high quality. Not only do we show you the Google and Yelp ratings, but we also verify the physicians licenses' are in good standing and there have been no issues in the past.

Online Appointments

Some of our providers have walk in facilities but if an appointment is needed, we give you the information necessary to make it yourself, or, if you let us know when you are free, we will make the appointment for you.

To Use The Shopping Tools Below, Login With The Instructions Provided In Your Membership Email


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Lab Services

Click here to shop for services that are provided by a lab. Like CBCs or CMP.


Click here to shop for scans. MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans, etc.


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